Welcome ZesBeeW & Egoist

Wed 24th May 2017 - 5:13am General Gaming

Today we are proud to announce the newest addition to our CS:GO team, Sha "ZesBeeW" Mohtar & Javier "Egoist" Chua who will be respectively filling in the spot that acAp and clickzai left behind.

After the departure of acAp and clickzai, JYP Gaming and the boys have been actively looking for new opportunities outside of Malaysia as well as potential players who will bring a new element to the team and we believe that ZesBeeW and Egoist are able to do so.

A few words from the new incoming players.

Sha "ZesBeeW" Mohtar
"It have been my dream to play for a professional team and I have finally made it. But this is just the beginning as we have alot of grinding to do together. Together with the team, I hope to make JYP Gaming the top 3 CS:GO team in the region again. I believe that the experience and the structure in the team can guide me and the youngest player Egoist alot."

Javier "Egoist" Chua
"I'm really happy and excited to be joining JYP Gaming as it is a big opportunity for me. With this lineup, I hope that we will start to become a threat in the Asia scene. A special thank you to my previous teammates from NUT for teaching me so much."




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